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Management Consultancy

Superior business models designed and implemented for you by experienced professionals.

The Business Builder

A proven process to establish and rebuild your business fundamentals, with a three month, six session process.

Trade Association Services

The things that your Trade Association should probably be providing to your members, but often cannot.

Digital Transformation

The design, implementation and maintenance of the digital backbone for your organisation.

B3 Business Builder Bootcamp

A three-day event designed for business start-up’s to get moving but in a sustainable manner.

Temporary Business Management

A step-in management team for any organisation to operate and succeed.

Function Outsourcing

All key functions within your business can be outsourced if needed. You can find quality partners here.

Education & Training

Learning and development for a wide range of business & management disciplines.

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Ben Timberley - Founding Partner

A Midlands Business Consultancy

Founded in Derbyshire during the 2020 pandemic by Ben Timberley, the BlackBook Management Consultancy practice is not your typical business consultancy. Staffed entirely by professionals who have actually performed the hard work to earn the title of ‘consultant’, our team is comprised entirely of ‘grassroots’ business people. We started at the bottom, and worked our way to the senior management level before becoming consultants.

Unlike the big accountancy and analyst-led management consultants, we dont agree with turning up, ‘crunching the numbers’ regardless of the context, delivering you with a meaningless report, to then disappear off into the sunset with a hefty fee…

…instead we operate to a tried and tested framework of diagnostics, paired with direct ‘hands-on’ management support. In short, we get our hands dirty implementing the specified work we have suggested that your organisation needs. The framework we operate to is known as “DSSS“.

What do we actually do?

The services listed above in the eight different areas are the ‘applied’ sections of our work. We are business people. We live and breathe this stuff. BUT… our approach is a bit more technical than our competitors. To put it bluntly…


A business is a product… a system… and as such it can be designed. It is the rarest of business models that has been intentionally designed and implemented as it was meant to be, according to that design. At BlackBook, we know a good business model from a bad one. Which is why we can ensure that whatever you’re doing, you can do it bigger, bolder, better.

The BlackBook Team

Meet the BlackBook Team

Founding Partner - Ben Timberley
Founding Partner - Ben TimberleyFOCUS: Business Models & Marketing
Ben is the founding partner of BlackBook, and a business model specialist. With 20 years practicing Marketing in a broad range of industries both B2C and B2B, Ben created the unique proposition that BlackBook provides today.

In his spare time, Ben is an avid gamer, motorsport fan, activist and foodie, with of course a passion for all things sci-fi and fantasy.

Partner - Mark Bond
Partner - Mark BondFOCUS: Manufacturing & Standards
Born in Doncaster Mark joined the Army and served in the Royal Artillery from 1989-2011, serving on numerous operational tours. From 2011 he worked in a range of manufacturing and processing businesses, where he built teams that accomplished amazing things.

Away from work his interests include reading, listening to music and maintaining an all-round level of fitness.

Partner - George Bain
Partner - George BainFOCUS: Sales Management, Leadership & Development
With a long and distinguished career in Leadership & Development, Sales Management and many other leadership roles in Pharmaceuticals and more. George made the leap into consulting during the pandemic year of 2021, and is a familiar face in the west midlands and east midlands business communities.

George enjoys travelling, keeping his dogs out of mischief, pursuing lifelong learning and of course his impressive commitment to being a Derby County Football fan.

Partner - Nick Lakin
Partner - Nick LakinFOCUS: Education, Hospitality, Leadership & Development
Nick has been working and consulting in the Service Sector industry, Education & Leisure sectors in excess of 25 years. Nick has held a directorship of an Educational Cookery School, Boutique Hotel and Management Consultancy Business.

He has always maintained a passion for helping others achieve their goals through education and developing strategies for success. Nick is also an associate lecturer in the capacity of Business, Finance & Law. On the side, Nick is also a Grassroots Rugby coach.

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