Hi everyone! Ben here. I thought i’d announce this in person and share the good news. The recently ‘teased’ new service from Blackbook, the ‘Content Hothouse’ is nearly here for the world to enjoy. It will launch to paying subscribers in December this year, in less than a months time.

What is it all about?

In short it’s a subscription service, where you get a personal trainer in the art of Content Marketing. That’s me. I bring with me a host of tools, and a specially constructed Google Sheet workbook for us to use in the planning and delivery of your Content Marketing brilliance. You’ll also get access to special support groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as privileged access to a special monthly webinar ‘deep dive’ on specialist areas.

Why is it going to be awesome?

I’m launching this service because the majority of my consulting clients face this as a daily problem. The business community is constantly told by the big social media companies, and the internet infrastructure owners like Google and Microsoft, that content is key to their success. Whilst they’re right, and they do provide technical and practice guidelines on how to get it all right, they aren’t in a position to provide the tactical and ’embedded’ support that most small, medium (and even some large) companies require to be able to take advantage of these practices.

Of course, there are services like Hubspot, Sharpspring and countless others who provide automation and advisory services on how to do Content Marketing. But have you seen how much all of this costs? For a small company to really get this right, it’s way too easy to spend between £1k and £2k – A MONTH – on paying for ‘tools’ for delivering Content Marketing. Do you actually NEED that tool yet?

‘Aint nobody got time for that.

I’m here to tell you that you dont need to spend all of that cash to absolutely smash it. I think – I KNOW – that you can do it for far less, with far fewer costly subscriptions to all kinds of automation platforms and other services, with more ingenuity and lateral thinking. It’s not that you shouldn’t, it’s that at the moment there is every chance that you dont NEED to.

The first two things you MUST sort out, are your content strategy, (within a wider commercial strategy) and how you are actually going to produce the content in the first place.

“The demands of content creation weigh heavy, and for the most part, this is an element that automation can’t fulfill.”

Despite what people say, Content is HARD.

Imposter Syndrome runs rampant for people trying to produce high quality marketing content. I should know, I’ve suffered with it for years, and still do. It’s completely human for us to feel this way. Many of those people who produce high quality content either get others to do it for them and pretend otherwise, or they invest massively in themselves to become master content creators. Yes, some have a natural talent for it.

But EVERYONE started somewhere. You can too! Getting started with this is the hardest part, which is why the Content Hothouse is a must for you to get started in the right way.

Spend your money in learning first, and automating later.

Why should I spend money at all on Content?

That’s the big question isn’t it? Why invest in producing content and getting a ‘high quality’ message out there into the world? I mean… Marketing doesn’t actually work… right? Surely you’re all just glorified crayon wielders out to take our money and not really contribute anything to my business?

Marketing DOES work. Content Marketing DOES work. Despite what many (not all) of those selling social media advertising, PPC, outsourced social media, or SEO services will too often claim, there is no single magic bullet. Which is why you need to learn how to weave all of these things together.

You DO need to learn about SEO. You DO need to learn about writing style. You DO need to learn about what a social media share node is. Gone are the days where you can get away with running a small business and not have at least a basic grasp of these things.

So what should you do about the Content Hothouse?

I’m launching this in December to get the first TEN subscribing members on board ready for the 2021 content season. You can do the following to be ready for when I enable subscriptions to be purchased:

  1. Subscribe to the Content Hothouse email list here.
  2. Check out the six month and twelve month subscription pages.
  3. Follow Blackbook on Facebook. (Link coming soon.)
  4. Follow Blackbook on LinkedIn.
  5. Share this blog via the white toolbar below.

Thank you Blackbook fans… I cant wait to get this service off the ground and turning the heat up on Content Marketing!

All my best, Ben Timberley