Content Hothouse Twelve Month Subscription

Content Hothouse Twelve Month Subscription

£120.00 / month for 12 months

This subscription provides you with TWELVE MONTHS access to the revolutionary Content Hothouse from BlackBook Consulting. Developed and delivered entirely by Ben Timberley, with occaisional support from his fantastic network of experts, the Content Hothouse will give you the knowledge, confidence and ability to deliver superior Marketing content for your business every single time.

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This is the TWELVE MONTH subscription for the Content Hothouse, a support and learning service for those who wish to produce better Marketing Content for their organisation, or for themselves.

When you subscribe to the Content Hothouse, you will receive the following:


A two-hour session in which we will work together to plan out your content strategy and your content calendar, and how they will support your commercial strategy. We’ll set you up with some high quality tools to make the whole process easier, and we’ll get you set up and ready to start producing high quality marketing content straight away. Onboarding will include the basics you need to know about how you structure, create, promote and leverage content.


Every month, you’ll get an hour with Ben your content consultant to examine your content calendar, and the content you have produced but not published yet. We’ll update, refine and improve everything waiting in your publishing queue. For the content you’ve produced, published and promoted, we’ll look at how well it has performed and provide feedback on how to do it better going forwards. This feedback will include actual content critique, SEO analysis, Social Media analytics, commercial return on investment, and more.


When you subscribe, you’ll be sent weblinks to our support groups on Facebook and LinkedIn where you can share your content, and ask for feedback from the rest of the Cotent Hothouse community as it grows. Importantly, you can all share each others content, and gain extra traffic and exposure for your material. These groups are there to provide the support and encouragement that everyone needs when producing content. If criticism is given, it will be constructive and helpful – a far cry from the habit of people to crush your dreams when it comes to content.


Every month, we’ll be providing a subject-specific ‘deep dive’ webinar for you to really get your content learning moving. These will be interactive sessions, but dominated by short and punchy presentations, along with expert interviews. Every session will be followed by a Q&A where you can ask Ben and his fellow experts about the burning questions you have. These sessions will be free to Content Hothouse members, and open to members of the public for a fee.

Topics include:



  • When you purchase a subscription, you will be sent an important web page link, with which you can schedule both your ONBOARDING session, and the sessions you have purchased as part of your subscription.
  • No more than one review session can be used every 30 days.
  • Your Content Marketing Workbook document will be created for you during your onboarding session.
  • This service is NOT contractually bound. Which means you can cancel it at ANY time, as long as you provide notice of 30 days for cancellation. Refunds are only available at the discretion of Black Book Consulting Ltd. To cancel your subscription, or request a refund, please contact Ben on this email address.

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