Marketing Mashup Twelve Month Subscription

Marketing Mashup Twelve Month Subscription

£100.00 / month for 12 months

This subscription provides you with TWELVE MONTHS access to the Marketing Mashup from BlackBook Consulting. Developed and delivered entirely by Ben Timberley, the Marketing Mashup will give you the knowledge, confidence and ability to survive and thrive in your role as a professional Marketer.

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This is the TWELVE MONTH subscription for the Marketing Mashup, a focused mastermind group for Marketing professionals to come together, and refine their art in a space where they are truly understood.

When you subscribe to the Marketing Mashup, you will receive the following:


A three-hour online gathering with FIVE other Marketing professionals and your host Ben Timberley, once per month on a Tuesday, 1pm-4pm. What is the purpose of the gathering?

  • STRATEGY: So you’ve got a Marketing Strategy, or you’re seeking to make one. Is it fit for purpose? Will it meet your objectives? You could ask countless people in your business… but are they qualified to know a good Marketing strategy from a worthless one? It is time you were able to get GOOD advice. SOLID feedback. CONSTRUCTIVE guidance. From qualified and experienced Marketers, peers who actually understand the work. Mash it up.
  • TOOLS: One of the key pillars of good Marketing is knowing which tools to use, when, and how to execute their use cost-effectively. You could spend hours, days or weeks researching these tools and how to get the best out of them. But what if you had a crew of professionals who have been there, done that, and travelled those paths before you? What if you could present options, quicker and better for your organisation than ever before? Mash it up.
  • CREATIVITY: When you’re NOT in a creative environment, it can sometimes be hard to be creative right? Not when you’re in the Mashup. Sitting with other creative Marketing individuals, guided in a way that ensures the rules are challenged and the boundaries are pushed, you will find new creative minerals to mine – courtesy of your fellow Marketers.
  • SUPPORT: The stresses and strains of working in Marketing are often wholly disguised by the work, and by your professionalism. But they are there. They are real – and they can have a tremendous impact if they’re not managed properly. Get the comradeship and support you need from your peers, with REAL methods of keeping yourself safe and whole.

2021 MARKETING MASHUP DATES: 31st August | 28th September | 26th October | 30th November | 14th December

  • There is every opportunity that these may change, or that more dates may become available, depending on demand or other practical considerations.


  • When you purchase a subscription, you will be sent an important web page link, with which you can choose which sessions you will attend.
  • No more than one Mashup session can be attended every 30 days.
  • This service is NOT contractually bound. Which means you can cancel it at ANY time, as long as you provide notice of 30 days for cancellation. Refunds are only available at the discretion of Black Book Consulting Ltd. To cancel your subscription, or request a refund, please contact Ben on this email address.

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